Female empowerment coach, Rev (Mrs.) Funke Felix-Adejumo has been married to her husband for 31yrs and when she speaks to younger women it is with authority and her experience. She said the key to success in marriage is for the man and woman to accept their roles and play it well, with love:

Many cannot seem to understand their women. What really do women want from their men?

Women want men they can look up to. We want affirmation, validation, someone who will speak highly of us in the public. We want a role model to her children, a friend, a decent man, someone who speak our love language who is responsible enough to take good care of our financial and emotional needs. A real woman want god-fearing man who can defend and stand up to defend her.

Do you believe in the concept of full housewife?

Yes and No. Yes because there may be a season when a woman needs to be a full time housewife for the sake of her children but it should not be the norm.