A homeless couple has left people shocked as they engaged in rough s*x in the early morning while people were rushing to work.

The homeless couple went about it like they didn’t care if people were watching
A Durban homeless couple in South Africa caused a stir as they openly engaged in s.exual intercourse during early morning traffic.
The unbelievable scene was filmed by a local after he caught the couple in the act. The incident is said to have happened in the CDB while people rushed off to work.
According to a local resident, the couple are homeless and spend the day loitering and begging at robots. ‘The probably were high on whoonga and did not even see it was daytime’, the eye witness said.
Another eyewitness said, ‘They should let them do what they do maan and not disturb them. That is their only way of forgetting about the stress of being homeless.’