A woman with an unusual desire to eat bricks has craved for the inedible stuff so much that she had to eat her own house.

Jenny Mason On Rylee’s Christening day
Jenny Mason, a young mum who craved bricks, mortar, sand and soil while pregnant revealed she satisfied her uncontrollable urges by scraping fragments of her wall into a bowl and eating them.
According to Mirror Online, Jenny, 30, crunched on about 125ml worth of bricks every other day whilst expecting. She said her cravings were stronger than needing a cigarette.
As well as brick, Jenny also experienced cravings for sand and soil. She would pretend she wanted to take their dog for a walk along nearby Formby beach when really she was more interested in eating the sand.
She would also buy soil from a garden centre rather than eat it from the ground, as she felt that was cleaner, and she would tell her other half she was gardening.
The care worker from Liverpool hid her unusual habit from her partner, electrician Stephen Connor, 31, and friends for six months, feeling embarrassed.Jenny1